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  • Article 7.00– Midtown Districts
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The MT-1 and MT-2 Midtown Districts are intended to promote the development of a pedestrian oriented and accessible, central commercial service district in which a variety of retail, commercial, office, civic and residential uses are permitted consistent with the City of Taylor Master Plan.

This only addresses the Midtown Taylor Overlay Districts (zoning MT-1 and MT-2). Additional information will be necessary, dependent upon the nature of the proposed project. This packet only addresses the Midtown Taylor Overlay District.

Additional information packets will be necessary, dependent upon the nature of the proposed.

Pre-application Conference

A potential applicant applying for development in a Taylor Midtown Overlay District (MT-1 or MT-2) must request a pre-application meeting, with the Planning Department, prior to filing an application. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the potential applicant with information regarding land development policies, procedures, standards, and requirements of the City in terms of the proposed development.

Submitting Your Project

Application for Site Plan Review may be made by the owner(s) of record or by any person acting on behalf of the owner of record of the subject parcel. Accompanying this application should be proof of ownership, or legal sales agreement, 12 full sets of collated, folded, plans, and 1 digital copy for the proposed development and the application fee. Please designate one contact person to work with the city.

Administrative Review

Upon initial filing, all site plans are reviewed by an Administrative Review Committee (ARC-made up of representatives from the City’s Planning, Building, Engineering, Water, Police and Fire Departments) for their review. Plan is either forwarded to Planning Commission or returned to the applicant for resubmission as necessary. The Committee meets each Tuesday to review plans. (Applicants do not attend this meeting). Projects must have ARC recommendation, prior to being placed on the Planning Commission’s agenda.

Prior to Being Placed on Agenda

Please submit the following items prior to being placed on the agenda:

  • 12 sets of the final plan
  • 1 Digital copy - CD
  • Building material sample board
  • An 8 ½ inch by 11 inch copy of the ARC approved plans
  • CD-ROM– containing 8 ½ inch by 11 inch copy of plans and project rendering

Planning Commission

Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the City Council Chambers. Planning Commission will review and hear comments to the proposed project at the public hearing. The applicant is scheduled to give their presentation of their proposed development at this time. Planning Commission will either recommend approval, approval with modifications, denial, or tabling of the proposed project. If approved, the approval expires in 18 months if no building permits have been applied for. Planning commission also makes a recommendation to the Zoning Board of Appeals in the case of variances. A performance guarantee may be required at the time of approval to assure completion of site improvements.

Performance Guarantee

To ensure compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and any condition imposed thereunder, the Planning Commission may require that a cash deposit, certified check or irrevocable bank letter of credit, covering the estimated cost of improvements associated with the project be deposited with the clerk of the City to ensure that the improvements are completed. The performance guarantee (if required) should be deposited at the time of the issuance of the building permit.


After Planning Commission approval, final plans are submitted to Engineering for review. Submission should include a construction cost estimate and the review fee. No building permits will be issued until the engineering approvals have been obtained. Building permits are issued by the Building Department.


Three (3) complete signed and sealed constructions drawings, building permit applications and other required construction documents are submitted to the Building Department. Final Building approval is required for Certification of Occupancy.

Planning Department

(Same as before)


(Same as before)