Golf Leadership Academy

GLA with Star Right TM

The Golf Leadership Academy's coaches are not like traditional golf instructors. They are unique! Like all professionals, they are experts in instructing the leading technical aspects of the game. However, they specialize in coaching people to improve their performance on and off of the course, versus ONLY instructing the swing.

Golf Leadership Academy vs. Lessons

Typically, a golf instructor gives one-hour lessons on the range and rarely, if ever, sees the student actually play on the course. During private lessons, students usually don't understand the instructors' terms and jargon. This makes improvement unlikely and causes more frustration.

As your coaches, the Golf Leadership Academy will help with every aspect of your game. They will assess your overall game, structure your supervised practices, and then coach you to transfer your skills to the course. The Golf Leadership Academy aims to build a trusting, long-term partnership that guarantees measurable results. They will help you make sustainable improvement towards your goals to reduce anxiety, fear, and frustration on the course.

Ultimately, they will help you have more fun and play better golf.

Private, one-hour lessons cannot deliver on this promise, period!!!