Renewable Energy

At the Heritage Park Petting Farm, we are being Planet Protectors by changing the way we get energy.

What is Energy?

  • Energy can be light
  • Energy can be heat
  • Energy makes things move and grow
  • Energy runs machines
  • Energy is the power to do work

The kind of energy that we use every day in our homes (and here at the farm) is electricity. Electricity turns on lights, and powers things like our TV, refrigerators, and other appliances. Right now, most people get electricity from power plants that burn coal. Burning so much coal over such a long period of time has made our environment dirty and polluted our air.

At the Heritage Park Petting Farm, we want to get our energy from things that do not make the planet dirty, and can be used over and over again. This is called renewable energy. To use renewable energy at the farm, we have installed solar panels to get energy from the sun, and a wind turbine to get energy from the wind.