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The City of Taylor has implemented our emergency alert CodeRED system which is a high-speed emergency notification service. The CodeRED system will serve as the backbone of the City of Taylor’s emergency planning and communications outreach to both citizens and Taylor personnel by using the system capabilities to send telephone calls, text messages, emails and social media in an effort to effectively inform residents to protect life and property. CodeRED, among other notification systems available, was selected for its unrivaled reliability and accuracy, as well as the system’s global use.

Taylor has been provided an initial database of residential and business telephone numbers, however all residents living within City limits are encouraged to visit www.cityoftaylor.com and click on the CodeRED logo to enroll additional contact information including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses. No one should automatically assume they are in the emergency contact database.

To help grow Taylor’s database with the most reliable information, CodeRED provides a secure, customized Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page that allows residents and businesses to add or update their contact information to ensure they will be included when a message is sent – unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, TDD/TTY requirements can all be entered.


Download the CodeRED Mobile App.

We will alert you if there are emergencies within our surrounding community...