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Posted on: October 19, 2022

City expands street resurfacing based on PASER findings


Mayor Tim Woolley recently announced a 2022-23 asphalt contract to address 19 specific streets in the City of Taylor. 

The proposed streets are:

  • Hazel (Wick to Dead End)
  • Princess (Wick to Dead End)
  • Glenis (Wick to Dead End)
  • Baske (Princess to Holland)
  • Haig (Sylvia to Holland)
  • Westlake (Haig to Dead End)
  • Cherokee (Haig to Baker)
  • Vivian (Haig to Baker)
  • Gulley (Baker to Dead End)
  • Wilkie (Haig to Baker)
  • Baker (Beech Daly to Dead End)
  • Mckinley (Goddard to Golden Ridge)
  • Golden Ridge (Pardee to McKinley)
  • Maplelawn (Pardee to McKinley)
  • Clinton (Pardee to Maplelawn)
  • Lincoln (Maplelawn to Dead End)
  • Weddel (Northline to Empire)
  • Jackson (Northline to Empire)
  • Alley (Weddel to Jackson)

The contract was assigned to Al's Asphalt Paving Company for a budgeted $1M. 

The streets chosen were selected based primarily the City’s most recent Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating study, otherwise known as PASER. The PASER study involves inspecting every street in Taylor, and rating its “health.” The ratings vary from 1 (failed) to 10 (excellent) and everywhere in between. 

The system was developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center. The visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions, when assessed correctly, provides a basis for comparing the quality of roadway segments. The advantage of this method is that roads may be assessed consistently, constantly and quickly.

Consideration was given to attempt to complete areas of the City within budget limits. The majority of community roadwork funding is captured through Act 51 (which is essentially the state gas tax). Metro Act 48 can also be the source of some local repair funding. Given that 25 percent of Taylor sits in a Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA), road improvements in some locations can be funded directly by TIFA funding.

The City of Taylor's goal is to match existing grades, drainage patterns, and existing pavement cross-sections. The subcontractor will mill and fill each proposed location.

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